Honeybrook Virtual Farm

Entertaining and Educational Farm Videos

This weeks new releases: Pygmy Goats, Llamas and Donkeys!

Here's Farmer Chris explaining what we do!

What We Do.

... and what are our videos about!?

Honeybrook Virtual Farm is home to our library of educational and entertaining videos on farm animals, vehicles, and activities!

Starting with our Winter months, we'll be seeing animals and mothers-to-be indoors, explaining the use behind some of our most essential vehicles and even watching some early births!


Moving to Spring, we'll be taking you through our lambing sheds,  giving you a first hand view of calving, farrowing, and great footage of lots of babies we find, as well as all sorts of processes that happen on the farm from March!


Finally, in Summer we'll be showing you crop harvest, livestock in fields, and you can watch us get up close and personal with some of our biggest and more powerful farm equipment!


How does it work!?

Click on the barn door to enter the farm!

Select the area of the farm you'd like to visit!

Find and click on your favourite animal/vehicle in the farm picture!

Sign in or log in (keep your details safe!)

Fill in the details and then you're ready to press play!

Whats the charge!?

Each of our videos cost £1

This is so we can cover the costs of filming and visiting all the locations we do to show you a super varied look at all sorts of farming including crop, and animal!

Excess profits are donated to our favourite charities... find out more in our "About us" section!